Art History Minor

an Industry.

Focus on the art history courses that best complement your other interests and studies—giving you the unique cultural and analytical prowess that could shift an entire industry.

By learning everything from formal analysis to writing and leadership skills at the intersection of arts and other disciplines, your visual art knowledge can propel your career path, regardless of the route you choose.

Chokwe (Made in Central Africa).Female Mask (Mwana Pwo or Pwewo), early 20th century. Wood, fiber, and pigment. Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven

Art History Minor (19 Credits)

The art history minor is designed for students seeking to expand their knowledge of art history. Through the introduction of major global art movements and theories, an additional emphasis is placed on developing skills in art history research, critical writing, critical thinking and visual analysis. The minor complements the students’ major interest in other disciplines; therefore, interdisciplinary study is highly encouraged. For example, students studying chemistry and art history might focus on pursuing an advanced degree in art conservation and restoration. Similarly, a business major minoring in art history might pursue entrepreneurship opportunities in the commercial art world, including employment in galleries or auction houses, or work in museum leadership, including development and directorial positions.

The art history minor also provides students with options to continue their education in a variety of graduate art programs and/or careers in the visual arts.   

Students are required to complete 19 credits for the art history minor.

Photo: Pete Lawton

SAVC 141 Art History I: Pyramids to Cathedrals (3 credits)
SAVC 142 Art History  II:  Renaissance to Contemporary (3 credits)
SAVC 255 Writing and Criticism in Art History (3 credits)
SAVC 320 Art History Methods, Theory and Practice (3 credits)


Choose One:

SAVC 230 Global Foundations of Modern Art (3 credits)
SAVC 305 Seminar in Curatorial Practice (3 credits)
SAVC 306 Mining the Museum (3 credits)

Choose One:

SAVC 143 African American Art (4 credits)
SAVC 312 Unmasked: African Art Past and Present (4 credits)


Study Abroad [Global Experience], Internships & Directed/Independent Studies are strongly encouraged.

Course Catalog

Career Options

  • Biology + Art History = Physician
  • Chemistry + Art History= Art Conservator
  • Computer Science + Art History = Entrepreneur
  • Economics + Art History = Wealth Management Specialist
  • Business + Art History = Gallery Director
  • Psychology + Art History = Art Therapist
Photo: Pete Lawton
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CAU Alumni Highlight
Faron Manuel, C'2015
Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellowship Program Coordinator, High Museum of Art

History + Art History

Faron Manuel is the coordinator of the Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellowship and the Mellon Graduate Fellowship in Object-Centered Curatorial Research at the High Museum of Art, and contributor to Prior to joining the High Museum, he was the Special Projects Curatorial Assistant to the Director of the Clark Atlanta University Art Museum. While at the Clark Atlanta University Museum, he curated the exhibition Négritude (2015), using works of art and artifacts to explore the French literary and philosophical movement within the African diaspora.

Manuel is the recipient of the 2019 Hammonds House Curatorial Excellence Award. He graduated Clark Atlanta University in 2015 with a degree in history.

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From history to research to analysis, it’s the perfect complement to an interdisciplinary study. When it comes to unique and creative career paths, everything goes with art.
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