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A multi-billion dollar global art market is waiting for your vision, passion, and creativity.


You have the power to change the future of art. Since 2015, the percentage of African Americans curators rose from 2% to 4% according to the Art Museum Staff Demographic Survey and we’re here to empower you to be a part of the structural change. With expert academic advisors to help define your interests and studies, we’re here to help you take that first step toward a unique and rewarding career. There’s no better time than today.

Curious About a Career in Art?

Contact Rachel Brown,
Program Manager for
AUC Art History + Curatorial Studies Collective and an avid photographer.

"I have always had a strong interest in studying art and after realizing the world of possibilities in and around museums, I decided to declare my minor in Curatorial Studies.”


Interested in art and business? Become an art investment fund manager. Or would you rather study technology? Enjoy a career as an application designer or art education technologist. Whatever your interest or future goal, our advisors can help you combine art history and curatorial studies with a major or minor to get you there.

ART HISTORY + Curatorial Studies

Art Museum Professions (Curator, Director etc.), Professor, Gallery Director

ART HISTORY + Business

Art Investment Fund Manager, Museum Development, Entrepreneurship (Startups, Art Consulting),

ART HISTORY + Communication/ Marketing

Marketing & Public Relations in Museums, Galleries, Auction Houses and Art Fairs 

ART HISTORY + Computer Science/Technology

Web Developer,  Application Designer,  Art Education Technologist 


Curator, Exhibition Designer, Museum Educator


Archivist,  Researcher, Auction House Specialist 

English/World Languages + CURATORIAL STUDIES

Journalist,  Art Lawyer, Art Critic   


With year-round opportunities, internships are a great way to get hands-on experience and kickstart your career. Paid summer internships are available to all declared art history majors and curatorial studies minors. Advisers can help you explore opportunities, as well as determine which ones may be a good fit. There are also endless ways to stay on top of industry news and build your network:

  • Attend exhibitions, lectures, and monthly events
  • Subscribe to mailing lists, newsletters, podcasts, and magazines
  • Consider postgraduate studies and attend a graduate and professional school fair
  • Get to know your professors and advisors so they can help you make connections in the field
  • Get involved in student organizations to build relationships with future colleagues
  • Follow influential art-based social media accounts and create a strong professional presence for yourself

We're Here for Your Career

When it comes to your future, we’ve got you covered. See all the career development services we offer:

  • Career counseling
  • Resume preparation, development, and critiquing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Interview preparation and feedback
  • Alumni network connections
  • Mock interviews
  • Internships, job postings, and career fairs