Art History Minor

The art history minor is designed for students seeking to expand their knowledge of art history. Through the introduction of major global art movements and theories, an additional emphasis is placed on developing skills in art history research, critical writing, critical thinking and visual analysis.

The minor is also designed to complement the students' major interest in other disciplines. Therefore, interdisciplinary study is highly encouraged. For example, students studying chemistry and art history might focus on pursuing an advanced degree in art conservation and restoration. Similarly, a business major minoring in art history might pursue entrepreneurship opportunities in the commercial art world, including employment in galleries or auction houses, or work in museum leadership, including development and directorial positions.

The art history minor also provides students with options to continue their education in a variety of graduate art programs and/or careers in the visual arts.          

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Art History

Minor Requirements

Students are required to complete 19 credits for the art history minor.

Requirements & Course Descriptions

Foundational Courses

Art History Minor, 19 Credits

SAVC 141 Ways of Seeing: Pyramids to Cathedrals (3 credits)
SAVC 142 Ways of Seeing: Medieval to Modern Art (3 credits)
SAVC 255 Writing in Art History (3 credits)
SAVC 320 Framing Art Histories (3 credits)

Choose One from Below

3 credits each

SAVC 230 Global Foundations of Modern Art
SAVC 305 Seminar in Curatorial Practice
SAVC 306 Mining the Museum

Choose One from Below

4 credits each

SAVC 143 African American Art
SAVC 312 Africa, Antiquity & Contemporary Expression

Global Experience, Internships, Directed/Independent Studies

Study Abroad [Global Experience], Internships & Directed/Independent Studies are strongly encouraged.